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The EV669’s 18 curtains offer maximum detection capability throughout the protected area including full undercrawl detection. Note that with the curtains, wherever an intruder intercepts a curtain, he is 100% seen by the detector and exactly fits the curtain width, thus collecting maximum infrared energy. Only with Interlogix’s Gliding Focus Mirror optics can the definition of the parallel curtains be achieved over the entire detection range. The special characteristics of a ‘curtain’ provide not only better detection but also increased stability and rejection of false alarms from temperature changes on floors and carpets.

‘4D’ signal processing builds on the past success of the 3D processing. By expanding on the environmental filtering and extending the detection algorithms, this latest generation processing further improves on the capability to determine between valid intruders and false alarm signals. Always recognising the diverse applications that have to be protected, the EV 669/666 features both ‘4D’ processing or Bi-curtain processing for the harsher environments. Designed specifically for use with the Gliding Focus Optics, the combination of mirror optics and ASIC technology provides you with complete peace of mind.

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