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The RCR-REX is a dual technology, request-to-exit sensor used for secure door egress and door access control. The RCR-REX combines the power of passive infrared and Doppler range-controlled radar technologies to provide the industry’s most secure request-to-exit sensor.

Historically, request-to-exit sensors have not been used in sensitive areas because they are easy to defeat. With the RCR-REX, dual technology requires that both the unit’s PIR sensor and RCR sensor detect intrusion activity to trigger the internal relay. For maximum protection, adjust the radar so that the curtain is above the floor; objects slipped under the door will not activate the sensor, making it virtually impossible to defeat.

The sensor has two detection patterns, the infrared PIR and the Range Controlled Radar, that are adjusted independently. Radar range can be adjusted from 3 to 15 feet (1 to 4.5 m) and can be set to just above the floor if desired.

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