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Performance Series 4K/8MP embedded NVRs 

Introducing Honeywell’s Performance Series Embedded NVRs, our newest affordable, fully-featured NVRs offer Ultra 4k HD video resolution. Choose between a 4-, 8-, or 16-channel NVR, with multiple hard drive options and up to 12 TB of internal storage, for an ideal and flexible solution to fit your surveillance needs.


Fully-featured NVRs

  • High decoding capability for Ultra 4K HD viewing and recording
  • View 4/8/16 channels simultaneously with synchronized realtime playback on your monitor (depending on your model)
  • Up to 8 MP (4K) resolution live view, preview and playback
  • Up to 8 channels at 1080p H.265/H.264 decoding

Dynamic, Accessible Monitoring

  • Mobile apps provide anytime, anywhere access for both Apple® and Android? devices (smartphones, tablet computers, and laptops)
  • Protect the NVR’s video and network setup with passwordprotected access
  • Conceal up to 4 areas of a scene from viewing and recording Convenient, Flexible Storage Options
  • Internal storage supports 2 HDDs expandable up to 12 TB (6 TB each)
  • Store video clips and snapshots to external storage, such as the client’s PC, through the Internet connection
  • Store video clips and snapshots to external network storage servers, such as an FTP site
  • Store video clips and snapshots to a USB memory deviceStore video clips and snapshots to a USB memory device

Easy to Use

  • The Quick wizard and PoE support (up to 4/8/16 channels) enable a fast and efficient set up
  • Quick installations utilizing an intuitive NVR design and easy-to-understand quick installation guides
  • Simple remote configuration and firmware update through the Honeywell Viewer web client and the Honeywell Config tool

Market Opportunities

The flexible storage options, high recording and networking performance of the Embedded NVRs make these NVRs perfect for a wide range of security applications.

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