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Lockwood ES8204P Technilock, 24VDC, PTO, 60MM B/SET. K/O -PO



Item Number: 118204-001

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ES8200 Technilock is a high security locking solution with comprehensive resistance against all types of attack and manipulation. Originally designed and developed for custodial purposes, the Technilock is in use today in Government Institutions, Banks, Embassies and Jewellers.

ES8200 is available in 30mm and 60mm backset, in both Power to Lock or Power to Open configuration. Key override monitoring version is also available.


  • Side load Pre Load capable - Bolt will release with up to 70kg of side pressure - ideal for use on doors with seals or doors that are subjected to high wind load or air-conditioning pressures
  • Extreme holding force -Will withstand more than 2500kgs.
  • Power to Lock and Power to Open (must be specified). Versions available on request. The bolt is not interchangeable in the field and configuration must be specified when ordering
  • High speed operation - Locks in less than 1 second
  • Multiple orientations - Can be mounted horizontally or Vertically
  • Comprehensive monitoring - Bolt Locked, Door Closed, Optional Key- Override monitoring

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